About Us

The Elevator industry, which began in the middle of the 19th century, is a mature sector of the world economy. Global competition, developing markets, and modern, electronics have recently bought technological and structural changes to industry, which will continue into the future.

Trio Elevators Company (India) Limited is also a part to that and has been formed as a joint venture of OTIS Elevator Company (India) Limited and TRIO Elevators Private Limited (Now Known as ALPS Technologies Private Limited). This joint venture has been formed to explore economies of scale and improvement in technology, opportunities for optimization of costs, achievement better quality and higher safety, provision of best quality goods and services at competitive prices, possibilities of achieving synergies in operations in the filed of sales, installation, commissioning, modernization repair and service of elevators.

Whereas OTIS (India) is a part of the United Technologies Group and engaged in the business of sales, installation, commissioning, modernization repair and service of elevators and escalators in India for more than 53 years. OTIS is the world market leader in the elevator industry.

While Trio Elevator Private Limited has been in the elevator business of sales, installation, commissioning, modernization repair and service of elevators from last more than 25 years and today is the market leader with 27% market share in the state of Gujarat. TRIO Elevators Private Limited (Now ALPS) will continue manufacturing parts of elevators at its factory situated at Kalol and will be supply all the parts to the new joint venture.

TRIO is the first second tier brand of OTIS (India) which will deal mainly into the manual and lower end segments of auto and goods elevators. It will also deal into stretcher, rear and three sided glass and into similar kind of such elevators. TRIO Elevator Company (India) Limited has taken over the complete Business operation of sales, installation, commissioning, modernization repair and service of elevators manufacture of various components, parts, equipment for elevators. TRIO Elevators Company (India) Limited will be engaged now in the business of sales/installation/commissioning/erection and maintenance of elevators and escalators.

History of TRIO

In 1974 TRIO was established by group of entrepreneurs, as service industry providing services to customer. And there ends monopoly of reputed manufacturers who were dominating the market. While doing service business, TRIO formed habit of (1) Quick response (2) No larger shutdown’s (3) Day & night service (4) Special attention on emergencies and special occasion. After doing successfully service business TRIO started to look forward for manufacturing and they set up plant at NARODA for manufacturing and delivered first shipment of Material to OPERA HOUSE at Ahmedabad on 5th February’ 1981.

And in the year of 1981 TRIO have completed 10 Lifts. The last elevator of that year which was delivered IN “P.K. House” on 20th October’1981. In 1981-82 within a SPAN of EIGHTEEN MONTHS TRIO COMPLETED total 17 Elevators and that was a beginning of successful journey of TRIO. Most Elevators of TRIO in all respect are serviced by TRIO which are still in use by customers with well performance.

An Eye to The Future

With the kind of orientation and priorities, TRIO has, it is but natural that they would have an equally strong commitment towards the future – to become even more customer and user friendly. As a result, there is always an on-going component of reviewing, researching and reorganizing aspects of their operations, technology and services, in order to further improve upon them. It is the quest that finds the public in agreement with the now familiar slogan – TRIO IS TRIO – “The name which you can trust”. While we are targeting some more new stations in Gujarat like Bhuj, Palanpur, Vapi etc we equally have our eyes on in the market of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh also.

TRIO ELEVATORS not renown today but trying hard to establish its credentials, through sincerity, quality and service. Elevator history of India could not be completed without underlining TRIO’s performance. Gujarat a big state of India, economically as well as potentially having TRIO in upper slot, where other competitors are far behind.